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Dawn Marie Bornheimer

Sales Executive | Mentor | Author | Advisor to For-Purpose Organizations and Entrepreneurs

I am a sales executive, mentor, published author, and advisor to several for-purpose organizations. I am here to lead by example as I make a greater impact on the world and the communities I belong to.

“Your willingness to do something today can change someone’s tomorrow”

– Dawn Marie Bornheimer

Homepage for Dawn Marie Bornheimer, a Independent Consultant | Mentor | Author | Advisor to For-Purpose Organizations and Entrepreneurs

"Having influence is not about elevating self but about lifting others"


Speaking engagement topics include leadership development, excellerating growth, and mentorship.

Book Projects

A respected author of two books, Dawn provides a platform for others to find and share their voice.

For Purpose

Serves as a founder, advisor, and chair for several for-purpose organizations, affiliations and entrepreneurs


Ignite souls, nominate talent, social impact, purpose driven, intentional living, resilient, empower individuals

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